piątek, 4 lipca 2014

and all that I can see, is just a yellow lemon tree. cytrynowo-kolorowo.

from: www.poma-oma.deviantart.com

my afternoon lemonade.

you need only:

- green tea 
- lemons (as much as you have)
- oranges (lemons won't feel lonely then)
- sugar/honey
- leaves of mint 
* orange juice ( couple of spoons if you like)

Brew your green tea (flavoured teas will be even better). Let it cool. Then slice a half of the lemon, add to the tea. Squezze lemons, as much juice as you want, add orange slices. You can make lemonade sweeter - add sugar or honey.

If you like mint, simply chop leaves and put it into the lemonade. Let the lemonade rest in your fridge until it becomes quite cold.

Garnish it with orange slices, mint or lemon of course.

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